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Blog posts of '2021' 'August'

Weed ID Series: Coontail
Coontail is a common native freshwater plant that stays completely submersed. Coontail is one of the only pants that can pollinate completely under water.
Weed ID: Creeping Water Primrose
Creeping water primrose, or floating primrose willow, is an invasive perennial aquatic plant with long stems and primrose-like yellow flowers.
Weed ID: Sago Pond Weed
Sago pondweed can grow quickly and can be found early to mid-season. It is quite a nuisance as it clogs up boat propellers and tangles fishing lures.
Weed ID: Curly Leaf
Curly leaf pond weed is a submerged aquatic plant with thin wavy leaves and finely serrated edges.
Weed ID Series
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