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Blog posts of '2018' 'January'

What do Pond Weeds and Muck have in common?
Pond owners often treat their pond problems in one of two ways. They will either lump all pond problems together or they will separate every problem independent of each other. I know what you are thinking…what other option is there? We are suggesting that pond owners think of pond problems as a cause and effect. Is there one problem in the pond that is causing another problem?
Step-by-Step Pond Maintenance
I had an excellent question from a customer the other day that was the inspiration for this blog post. This pond owner had just acquired a property with a pond. His question was “Where do I start on the step-by-step pond maintenance guide? I already have algae and weeds…so do I treat the algae and weeds first or do I start at step 1 and add pond dye?...