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Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

Fish Habitat in Pond
Fish habitat is important to consider when building a pond. One huge mistake that fishermen make is allowing submerged weed growth to provide habitat for fish in the pond. This ultimately gives weeds a foothold, the fisherman gets busy and the pond care gets neglected. Boom! Weeds everywhere! Wife unhappy! Don’t fall into that trap.
Importance of Good Pond Access
Pond access is an often-overlooked component of a pond --and is often one of the biggest annoyances once it goes bad! Getting to the pond and utilizing it as a great fishing, boating and swimming pond is extremely important. Not to mention easy access to keep the maintenance of the pond attainable.
Pond Shoreline
Last time, I discussed how a steep slope is important in limiting weed and algae growth. The shoreline (above water area) should not be steep along the edge of the pond. Shoreline emergent weeds can be easily controlled by either mechanical means or chemical means. To keep a nice neat shoreline, it is much easier to keep the area relatively flat going into the pond. This allows you to operate lawn equipment and sprayer equipment efficiently around the shoreline of the pond.