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Blog posts of '2016' 'October'

Pond Dye and Pond Bacteria in One
Using pond bacteria is extremely important as mentioned in our last blog post. If you are a pond owner that uses dye and bacteria we have a product that will save you valuable time.
Fall Application of Pond Bacteria
Fall is a beautiful time of the year. Temperatures start to dip, warm crisp smells fill the air and brightly colored leaves start to trickle down to the ground. As a pond owner you need to be aware...
Before and After Pond Pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words... and more in some cases. I love it when a customer takes our advice and they commit to treating their pond based on our recommendations. It's an added bonus when they send in before and after pictures...
Green Lawn Dye
Sanco's green lawn dye, Patch Worx, is a great solution to yellow or brown lawn spots. Often lawns become yellow or brown from pets spots or herbicide drift. You will have instant curb appeal by applying Patch Worx to the yellow spots in your lawn.
Pink Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness
We have had a ton of inquires about pink dye for various events for Breast Cancer Awareness. Sanco's 8 ounce pink dye is now for sale on our website.