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Blog posts of '2013' 'July'

Our Pond Looks Wonderful
Helpful advise results in beautiful looking ponds! We recently gave a customer the same advise we post on our blogs and over the phone on a daily basis. This advise is simple, but can make a drastic change in the health of your pond.
Benefits of Muck Doctor
With a little TLC, your unsightly body of water can be transformed into a beautiful usable pond. In most cases transforming a pond is fairly simple. Pinpointing what your problems are, finding a solution and applying the product on a regular basis is all it takes.
How to Kill Cattails
Cattails can be a beautiful addition to a pond, but if pond owners aren't careful their ponds will be overcome with cattails. Cattails are perennials and will spread rapidly.
Green Scum on Pond
This was recently sent in from a pond owner: "I have a small 1 acre or less 15 year old pond 10' at deepest. Last year and this I had very bad covering of floating ...
Importance of Properly Identifying Pond Weeds
We had a pond owner contact us about having growth in her pond and not being able to kill it. She explained she has been using lots of granular copper ...