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Beneficial Pond Bacteria

20 Oct 2010
Read on to discover why bacteria in your pond will aid in its ability to maintain a healthy pond or lake.
A pond’s ecosystem can go out of balance for a variety of reasons: soil run-off, agricultural fertilizers, or excessive aquatic populations. One way to bring your pond or lake back is adding beneficial pond bacteria. Helpful bacteria exist naturally in all ponds, big to minute. It’s when bad bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, takes over your pond and reduces water quality that you need to act.
As anaerobic bacteria start to dominate your water, oxygen levels can drop and odors will increase. Break this self-feeding loop by adding beneficial pond bacteria or aerobic bacteria. Fish waste will reduce and water quality will improve as the aerobic bacteria breaks down organic matter. This problem can be especially common to young lakes or ponds without an established ecosystem. Adding beneficial pond bacteria on a regular schedule will aid in keeping a balance.
Sanco provides an excellent way to achieve consistent results with Natural Pond Cleaner. It supercharges beneficial pond bacteria to absorb organic material that can damage the health of your pond. Safe, after 24 hours, for swimming, irrigation, and livestock; you won’t have to worry about injuring animals and people using your lake. Contact us today to take control of a vital asset to your property.