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Before and After Pond Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words... and more in some cases.  I love it when a customer takes our advice and they commit to treating their pond based on our recommendations.  It's an added bonus when they send in before and after pictures.  It is important for customers to realize you can't just use one product to solve all of your pond problems.  Usually each issue is going to require a separate product.  In this customers case he had multiple problems causing him to not be able to enjoy his pond.  Another important tip, depending on the condition of the pond it will most likely take multiple, repeated applications to get the pond looking clean and clear.

This customer's pond is 1/8th of an acre and had the following problems:

Murky brown water



Surface Film

The products we recommended to this customer were Black Out pond dyeTsunami DQ for the duckweed, Crystal Plex for algae control and Pond Glass for the surface film.  The pictures below were taken 3 weeks apart after 2 applications.  The "before" pond picture was actually taken after 1 application.  The pond started out completely covered (no images available).  For more information on Sanco's pond maintenance products contact us.