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Barley Straw vs Pond Chemicals

Will barley straw keep my pond clean, clear and crystal blue?

Barley Straw is NOT a substitute for pond treatment chemicals.

It is simply another way to deter algae growth. Experts are not in total agreement on what it is exactly that allows barley to be effective for algae prevention. Most likely, it is a chemical that is released during decomposition that inhibits algae growth. Because this occurs during decomposition, users must be prepared to wait several weeks before they see results; this is plenty of time for algae to grow and take hold on your pond without inhibition. It is important to note that barley does not kill algae but rather helps to prevent the growth of certain types, particularly planktonic algae.

Barley straw has nowhere near the affect that copper sulfate does when it comes to algae control and also has one main downside... it may increase submerged weed growth. The decomposition of barley may feed the nutrient needs of weeds, causing an outbreak.

In summary, barley straw treatments are slow, only preventative, and hardly comparable to the countless pond products that we carry. They don't kill algae like Crystal Plex or Copper Sulfate. They don't kill submerged weeds like Tsunami DQ or shoreline weeds like Cattplex. They do not dye the water like Crystal Blue or Blackout. On the bright-side, they do help with water clarity... but that's about it.

On top of it all, unlike barley, you do not have to wait for our products to decompose before you see results! It's one thing to try to prevent algae growth, but getting rid of it once it grows is key.

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