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Aqua Charge + Methanol

It's definitely feels - and looks - like wintertime here in the midwest! With recent accumulation of snowfall, some of you may be needing to fill up on your window washing fluid for safe travels.

Our Aqua Charge is a concentrated form of window washing fluid. The small, one quart bottle can be mixed to make up to 55 gallons of washer fluid! It will last you for quite some time and save you a generous amount of money in the long run.

Aqua Charge is compatible to use with methanol in the cold winter months, which will prevent your mixture from freezing. Most do not end up mixing all 55 gallons of finished product in one go, so here's a bit of help for a smaller mixture: 0.5 oz. of Aqua Charge + 1 gallon of water + roughly 1 quart of methanol.

Have questions on Aqua Charge? Contact the office today.

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