Why become a Crystal Blue preferred applicator?

Becoming a Crystal Blue Preferred applicator allows you to purchase concentrated raw materials in drums instead of smaller gallon jugs, no one likes paying for water to be shipped. Preferred applicators have access to our regional sales team and our in house biologist that can walk them through diluting the concentrated materials into optimal treating dosages.

Sanco has the ability to offer bulk applicator pricing on a variety of aquatic chemicals including:

  • Pond Dye- Blue, Black, and Aqua
  • Pond Bacteria- Liquid Maintenance and Muck Reducing Spikes
  • Algaecides- Liquid and 50lb bags of F20 Aquatic Grade Copper Sulfate
  • Herbicides- Glyphosate and Diquat
  • Cleaners/Other- Surfactants, Spray Pattern Indicators, Tank Cleaners, and Defoamers

As a Crystal Blue preferred aquatic applicator, there are many other benefits you will have available to you.  We can offer extended terms based on your credit application. Customer service and product support Monday through Friday from 8am- 5pm. You will have access to our in-house biologist for help with dosing rates, treatment protocols, and identification of problematic weeds and algae. Our customer service team can measure ponds by using Google Earth which will help us give you a cost estimate analysis on each pond you maintain.

If you are interested in becoming a Crystal Blue preferred applicator or just want more information contact us today.