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All Natural Garden Fertilizer

21 Feb 2016

Sanco now has an all-natural garden fertilizer, Cricket Chit.  Cricket Chit is the excrement of crickets, also known as, cricket poop, cricket frass, and comparable to insect frass.  Cricket Chit fertilizer tests out at 4.5-2-2.  This is a much higher nitrogen level than any other insect frass or worm casting.

Cricket Chit can be applied in several different ways.

  1. Soil Application: work into soil      and water (see label for specific dosing)
  2. Foliar Application.  Cricket Chit is not 100% water soluble, be      sure to filter out solids so you do not clog your sprayer.
  3. Hydroponics

One pound of Cricket Chit will treat approximately 100 square feet.  For more information contact Sanco Industries.