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Aeration vs. Chemicals

We recently had a customer submit a question on our website about comparing the effectiveness of pond aeration vs. pond chemicals to maintain a pond. After reading the question several times, I realized why I felt the need to read it over…because we believe in using both.

To compare the use of pond aeration alone vs. the use of pond chemicals is silly. Pond aeration can do things that pond chemicals can’t and the same can be said for the opposite. There is no pond chemical in the world that will add oxygen to the body of water and keep the water moving. There is no aerator that is going to tint the water, increase bacteria, or kill weeds and algae.

These two methods of pond maintenance should be used simultaneously not independently of each other. Using pond aeration and pond chemicals together will make for a complimentary pond maintenance plan and ensure you are getting the most out of both efforts.

For example, the use of pond bacteria is an important step for preventative pond maintenance. Pair regular dosing of pond bacteria with aeration and you have doubled the effectiveness of your bacteria. Pond bacteria products have been known to react more rapidly and for a longer period when a pond has an aerator.

Weeds like duckweed thrive in nutrient rich, stagnant environments. Adding an aerator to your pond will help create surface movement, which will create an environment duckweed typically doesn’t like. However, there are many other weeds that could careless it the water is still or moving, and for these weeds you will have to use an aquatic herbicide.

When it comes to pond maintenance, it is important to remember there is typically no single solution. All ponds are different and all ponds are going to take a combination of pond maintenance methods to achieve a healthy pond.

For more information on pond maintenance check out our blog series on DIY Pond Care or contact the experts at Sanco.