Solving Your Pond Problems

Weeds and algae? Dirty, muddy water? Pond turnover?

All of these are common problems that can affect the overall health and aesthetics of your pond or lake. But with proper care and maintenance, using Sanco's line of aquatic products, you can effectively control and eliminate these problems.

Before your treat you need two key pieces of need to know the size of your pond and what type of growth you have.  Follow the links below to learn how to easily measure your pond and identify your pond growth.

How to Measure Your Pond

Identify Your Pond Growth

Some common types of pond problems:

  • Weeds- Common weeds like duckweed or cattails can be effectively treated with a combination of herbicides and surfactants. Use this chart to help you identify the weeds in your pond.
  • Algae- Algae growth is common in all ponds but can be easily controlled with the right care and maintenance, including the use of algaecides. Not all algae is bad, however. Chara is a type of filter algae that can help make your pond water clear and crisp.
  • Pond Turnover- Prevented by installing fountains and aerators in your pond.
  • Murky/Dirty Water- Can be eliminated by using pond colorants and bacteria.

Our step-by-step easy pond care system can help you maintain your pond all year long.

For more information on how to take care of pond problems, contact Sanco.