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2-in-1 Pond Treatment

11 Oct 2015

Prepping a pond for the winter season is one very important step in overall pond maintenance. By treating pond water during cooler months a beautiful healthy pond can be enjoyed during the prime pond months of spring and summer. Sanco Industries realizes the importance of treating a pond during the pond off-season so that it can really be enjoyed during the peak pond season. This is why Sanco Industries created a product that works its best when introduced into cold water.

Pond Booster is a combination of helpful bacteria and blue pond dye that will work through the winter keeping your pond healthy all year. Pond Booster is 100% safe for humans, fish, birds, and livestock, so the product can be applied without worrying about the effect it is having on its surroundings. Pond Booster works throughout the winter quickly getting rid of dead vegetation resting on the pond floor before it decomposes and turns to muck. As said above, Pond Booster was made for fall pond treatment because it works best when applied to cooler waters.

For any questions about Pond Booster or any other product offered by Sanco Industries please contact us today.