Pond Weeds & Algae in Winter

What exactly happens to pond weeds and algae in the winter?
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Spring Preventive Pond Care

Is your pond ready for the spring warm up? Check out these preventive maintenance tips.
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Sanco Industries Specialty Chemical Company

Many of our best products began with our customer's needs or ideas
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Test Tubes

Welcome to Sanco Industries

Sanco Industries offers more than just pond supplies. Even though Sanco is mostly known for our pond and lake products, we have grown into a specialty chemical manufacturer. We have been able to take our line of pond products and market them in a variety of different industries. This ability to cross market has allowed us to create multiple product lines that can handle a wide variety of your home, garden, and farming needs.

You can count on us to...

  • Give you a pond that’s clean and clear, free of muck, algae, and weeds with our complete line of pond maintenance products
  • Make your pond a focal point with one of our pond fountain pumps
  • Don't like the DIY approach contact our Pond Champs Service Team to get a free quote on having our team keep your pond clean and clear
  • Keep your livestock healthy, by stopping dangerous infections
  • Stop rust on equipment and machinery
Product Assortment
Featured Products

Black Out

Black Pond Dye

Muck Doctor

Pond & Lake Muck Remover

Crystal Plex

Pond Algae Control

Green X

Pond Algae Control


Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Defoamer
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Hydrodictyon Algae / Water Net
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Is it live or dead growth?

A pond has everything necessary to support algae and weed growth: plenty of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Some ponds offer more sunlight and nutrients than other ponds, causing the fight against t...

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Lawn & Garden with Sanco

Sanco's lawn & garden products are rapidly expanding! Whether you're spraying for weeds or just need a little sprucing up, we have you covered! Here is our current lineup...

Neem Oil is there for you...