Fountain and Birdbath Maintenance Chemicals Know the Difference!

Fountains, birdbaths, and water features are perfect aquatic decorations for any aesthetic yard-scape. However, if not maintained, these once beautiful aquatic containers can build up sludge and algae growth and the water can become brown or green. Overtime, decorative birdbaths and fountains will develop microorganisms that affect your water quality. This may lead to difficult and regular cleaning. Organic contaminants and other mineral deposits may lead to a cloudy/murky appearance and possibly smelly water. Not nearly as aesthetically pleasing…

There are three main problems that occur in water features: scum, murkiness, and algae.

Scum/sludge/muck - buildup of inorganic material (Solution: Birdbath and Fountain Maintenance)

Murkiness – suspended particles in the water column caused by buildup of organic waste (Solution: Fountain Clarifier)

Algae – Often green, growing, plant-like substance that feeds on nitrates (Solution: Fountain Algaecide and Clarifier)

With so many products out there, it can be quite difficult to know what to use and when. The remainder of this page will explain how to differentiate such products.


We carry three primary chemicals for use in fountains, birdbaths, and water features. All of these products are safe for plants, pets, and wildlife when used as directed, with the exception of the algaecide with fish. 

Birdbath & Fountain Maintenance

Do you get scum in your birdbath or fountain? Birdbath and Fountain Maintenance is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that keeps your fountain or birdbath clean and clear by breaking down organic waste while reducing nutrients, improving overall water quality.

Fountain Clarifier

Have a problem with murkiness? Fountain Clarifier quickly clears up cloudy, murky, and smelly water by breaking down stains, sludge, and organic matter.

Decorative Fountain Algae Control

Are you finding algae growth in your fountain? Decorative Fountain Algae Control (while not safe for fish) effectively eliminates green water algae, string and hair algae, blanketweed algae, and others while keeping the water safe for plants, pets and surrounding wildlife. Unaffected by heat, sunlight and evaporation, our product also outlasts and outperforms copper and enzyme based products.

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