Cleaning Series: Wash Worx Pit Stop


Ever have the perfect shirt and overtime it is ruined with some unfortunate armpit staining? Stains are no more with our Wash Worx Pit Stop!

Use our specially formulated Pit Stop to remove a variety of stains, such as: sweat, deodorant, ink, spit-up, and even red sauce stains. Odors don’t stand a chance with our organic, all natural product.

Follow these three easy steps for the best results:

  • 1) Lay clothing out on an old towel
  • 2) Spray stained area from the inside and scrub with a small brush (be sure stain is saturated).
  • 3) Let sit for 20 minutes and scrub again. Wash separate from untreated clothing according to clothing specification. Repeat if stain is still present.


Pit Stop works best on fabrics that have not already been treated with bleach. Always test a small, hidden area before full use. If you tend to have sensitive skin, please be cautious with and wear rubber gloves before use. Pit Stop can be used with white and most colored fabrics.

Any other questions regarding Pit Stop? Shoot us an email or give our office a call!