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What is a Surfactant?

Surfactants are products used in conjunction WITH herbicides, algaecides, fungicides, etc. The surfactant itself will not treat to kill any growth and will not have any visible affects when used by itself. Surfactants help your other products "stick" better the the plants you are trying to eliminate. They break down the waxy coatings, allowing for better product penetration and effectiveness.
Expect these results when pairing your products with a surfactant:
  • Improved coverage: By reducing the surface tension of the herbicide solution, the surfactant helps it spread more evenly across the plant surface, improving coverage and reducing the likelihood of missed spots.
  • Enhanced absorption: The surfactant helps herbicides to be absorbed more effectively by the plant, allowing for faster and more efficient control of weeds.
  • Reduced runoff: Our surfactant reduces the amount of herbicide that runs off the plant surface, improving its effectiveness and reducing the amount of product that is wasted.
  • Increased product effectiveness: Surfactants help herbicides to penetrate and spread evenly across the plant surface, increasing their effectiveness.
We offer two different types of surfactants. Liquid Harvest Surfactant is for landscaped areas while Crystal Blue Plex Mate is for aquatic use.
A little goes a long way! Use 1 tsp. of Liquid Harvest Surfactant or Crystal Blue Plex Mate per gallon of water.
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