How to Measure Your Pond

Top Tips for Measuring Your Pond for Treatment

Finding out the size of your pond should be one of the first steps you take prior to pond treatment. Without knowing the size of your pond you will end up wasting valuable time and money. If your aren't using enough pond chemicals you will notice little to no change in the condition of your pond. If you are using an excessive amount of pond chemicals you will waste money and potentially harm your fish. Use the formulas below to calculate the size of your pond.

Square/ Rectangular (Gallons):
Multiply length x width x average water depth (feet) x 7.5
Example: 8' x 4' x 2' x 7.5' = 480 gallons

Square/Rectangular (Acres):
Multiply length x width, then divide by 43,560 (square feet per acre)
Example: 80' x 140' / 43,560 = .2571 which is approximately 1/4 surface acre

Round (Gallons):
Multiply diameter x itself x average water depth (feet) x 5.9.
Example: 4' x 4' x 2' x 5.9 = 188 gallons

Round (Acres):
Multiply circumference x itself and then divide by 547,390.
Example: 520' x 520' / 547,390 = .4939 which is approximately 1/2 surface acre

If math isn't your thing we completely understand.  We have included several common landmarks from a birds eye view.  These images will hopefully help you get a handle on what different size areas calculate to be in surface acres.  Most people can associate with the size of a football field, but if you were to ask them what does 1 acre look like they would have no idea.  This is for all my visual people...

Birds Eye View Football Field Birds eye view Parkview Field

For additional information on measuring your pond or for a personalized *satellite measurement Contact Sanco.

* There is a $35 fee for each pond measured. You will get the size of your pond and a satellite image. Satellite measurements not available for small, back yard decorative ponds.