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Pond Dye

Want to keep your pond color looking great all year long? It’s easier to accomplish than you might think and completely safe for your fish. All you have to do is follow a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes your favorite color of pond dye. This will result in a healthy, beautiful body of water all year long.

Pond dyes and colorants have come a long way; with several different choices every pond owner will find a color that suites their own personal taste.

The most popular pond dye Sanco offers is the Crystal Blue. This color gives your pond a beautiful royal blue color. The most tenured dye is our Ocean Blue.  Ocean Blue mimics the turquoise color of the ocean. Black Out is the newest option and becoming more and more popular. Black Out  gives the pond a deep lake look while mirroring the surrounding landscape.

Pond colorants will improve your pond’s quality and clarity, while maintaining its color. We have several different colors and options to choose from depending on your personal preference. For more information about pond dye, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Picture of Black Pond Starter Kit

Black Pond Starter Kit

Black Pond Dye and Beneficial Pond Bacteria
Picture of Trickled Pink

Trickled Pink

Pink Dye for water features and small ponds
Picture of Blue Pond Starter Kit

Blue Pond Starter Kit

Crystal Blue and Natural Pond Cleaner Starter Kit
Picture of Crystal Blue

Crystal Blue

Blue Pond Dye
Picture of Crystal Blue Throw Packs

Crystal Blue Throw Packs

Water Soluble Royal Blue Pond Dye
Picture of Emerald Green Water Dye

Emerald Green Water Dye

Green Water Dye for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations