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Green Pond Water

Green water is a common occurrence in ponds, especially during the warm summer months. It is typically produced from algae blooms of the planktonic algal species. While these blooms do produce a pea soup type green color, they do not form large mats. They may produce an undesirable odor in addition to the unattractive green color they produce in the pond.
These blooms are produced from several key elements. The warm water, the increased sunlight, and the higher level of nutrients may lead to a green water problem. To help remedy the green water problem, we must take a two pronged approach.
To treat the planktonic algae, you need to use a good chelated copper like Crystal Plex. Crystal Plex has a patented ingredient that aids in keeping the copper molecule at its smallest form, making it easily available for penetrating the cells in planktonic algae. Treating the algae with Crystal Plex will kill off the present bloom and give you immediate results. One word of caution: Koi and trout are sensitive to copper products and extreme care must be made in order to treat ponds containing either of these species.
For general maintenance, treat with Natural Pond Cleaner and Crystal Blue. These products are the key to the long term health of your pond. Natural Pond Cleaner is a super concentrated dose of healthy pond bacteria ready to consume both free floating nutrients and organic matter. This will aid in taking away nutrients that planktonic algae need to thrive. Colorant helps shade the water, which can slow down growth.
Controlling the green water problem may take some time to implement, due to variables that are unique to each pond. However, control can be reached with a sound system and quality products.
Over time, using these approaches, you can end the green water problem and enter the world of clean, clear and Crystal Blue water!
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