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Decorative Pond Products

We don’t just have pond care products for large ponds or lakes. If you have a birdbath, garden pond or ornamental pond in your backyard, we offer a full line of Koi Worx pond colorants, dye, and cleaners to keep your garden, pond or birdbath clean and muck free. All of our garden pond products are safe for koi and goldfish.

Picture of Koi Worx Blue Pond Dye

Koi Worx Blue Pond Dye

Blue Pond Dye for Garden Ponds
Picture of Koi Worx Defoamer

Koi Worx Defoamer

Controls Foam in Ponds & Water Features
Picture of Koi Worx Muck Reducer

Koi Worx Muck Reducer

Muck Reducer Tablets
Picture of Koi Worx Pond Cleaner

Koi Worx Pond Cleaner

Bacteria for Garden Ponds
Picture of Koi Worx Prep

Koi Worx Prep

Startup Water Prep
Picture of Koi Worx Water Clear

Koi Worx Water Clear

Natural Garden Pond Water Clarifier