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Choosing a Fountain or Aerator

You have decided to add a water feature to your pond...what next? How do you know which unit works best for your situation? How do you decide what model to go with? There are key differences to note between fountains and aerators. These differences can help you narrow down your personal preference and our staff at Sanco can help with the rest!

Many pond owners will use the terms "fountain" and "aerator" interchangeably, however, these two pieces of pond equipment are very different. Fountains are usually meant to enhance the look of the pond. They shoot up 15-30 feet into the air depending on the model and the spray patterns are a focal point in most ponds. Fountains do move the water and increase oxygen levels on the surface, but areas far away from the fountain and deep spots of the pond remain unaltered.

If you are concerned with fish health and introducing as much oxygen as you can into the pond, then an aerator would be a smart choice. Many people refer to these as "bubblers", which is exactly what they look like! These units sit at the bottom of the pond and shoot up air bubbles, which can be seen at the surface of the water. Though more subtle than a fountain, it provides more oxygen to the entire pond than any standard fountain ever could.

You've made your choice on whether you want a fountain or an aerator. Here's what we need to know to help you choose what model to go with:

  • Where you want to place your unit within the pond.
  • Do you already have electrical set up? If you do not, call your electrician to arrange installation. This is required for both fountains and aerators!
  • Roughly how far will the unit be from your electrical source? This will determine cord length needed.
  • The voltage of your electrical. This will determine what models are compatible with your setup. Example: many of our units are 115 or 120v.
  • Water depth in your chosen location. Some models are more suitable for certain depths.

Once your model is chosen, we will have it shipped directly to you with detailed instructions for set up. If setting up the unit isn't doable yourself, check with your local electrician or pond service company to see if they can offer services or references.

Contact our office for more information about the fountain and aerator units we have available.

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