Pond Dye


One of the main questions we get in the office is… Will pond dye harm my fish, water fowl, cattle, or grandchildren?

The answer to this question is no, pond dye will not harm anything when used according to label instructions.  Most pond dyes are made of food grade dyes and are just extremely concentrated.  They have to be concentrated or a gallon of our product wouldn’t color a 1 acre pond.  The only restriction for any of our pond dyes pertains to Black Out.  Black Out cannot be used for potable water.  For example, many people in the state of Ohio filter their pond water and use it in their homes.  For these people we recommend one of our other pond dyes such as, Crystal Blue or Ocean Blue

Pond Dyes are safe for swimming, fishing, consumption, and irrigation.  However, one gallon of our pond dye is meant to be used in a 1 acre pond with an average depth of 4-6 feet deep, this ends up being about 1.5 million gallons of water.  If you have a 100 gallon pond and you would like to color you water we recommend Sanco's Deco product line that is tailored for a decorative/ornamental pond.  One gallon of our product cannot accurately be measured down to treat that small of a body of water.  If the pond dyes tailored for large bodies of water are used in an extremely small body of water the dye could end up staining rocks, water features, plants, and even your fish.  While not deadly this effect is probably not considered desirable.

In all, pond dyes are reasonably safe when used appropriately.  If you do get colorant on your hands it may stain for a couple of days.  Use diluted bleach water to fade the color over time.

For more information on pond dye Contact Sanco.